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Disaster Recovery 

Innovative Risk Solutions can ensure that you are able to meet the goals of disaster recovery based on an organization's critical IT systems and how data can be restored quickly and with minimal disruption to normal operations. As most organizations understand disaster recovery for IT refers to the processes and procedures that an organization implements to ensure the timely and effective recovery of IT systems and data in the event of a disaster or outage.


Disaster recovery is a process that involves creating and implementing a comprehensive plan outlining the steps to be taken in the event of a disaster. This plan should include measures such as regular backups of critical data, redundant systems, data centers in geographically diverse locations, failover procedures, and testing and cloud validation of the recovery plan. At our company, we provide unique services to assist companies in disaster recovery testing, including various types of DR tests, and identifying the "four key areas" to ensure that business processes are working as intended. Our goal is to help businesses develop and execute a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, so they are prepared to face any unforeseen disaster and quickly recover their critical operations.

         Test To Preform DR Plan and Validate

Business Continuity

the development of strategies, plans and actions which provide protection or alternative modes of operation for those activities or business processes which might otherwise bring about a seriously damaging or potentially fatal loss to the enterprise if they were to be interrupted. Its key facets are organizational relinincy around recovery plans

Key Business Objectives

an integrated approach to Business Continuity, Crisis Management and IT Disaster Recovery is ideal to minimize risks to critical business and technology operations

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